Gun rights

Obama Hopes Biden Remembers How to Take Everyone’s Guns, Jobs, and Bibles

UNDISCLOSED SHARIA COMMIE SOCIALIST BUNKER, SOROSLAND -- It's been four long years since Agenda 666 has been implemented, and former President Barack HUSSEIN Obama (D-Kenya) hopes that his old ticketmate, incoming President-elect Joe Biden "remembers his training" and can...

NRA Member Vows to Triple Donations to Group That’s Robbed Him Blind for 25 Years

COLD CAVE HILLS, TENNESSEE -- Jethro Bohiggins bills himself as "the Internet's premiere pro-MAGA podcaster and singer/songwriter," and quite often he boasts about being a "lifelong NRA member." Today, Jethro told his podcast audience that he plans to ramp-up...

Proposed Amendment Would Replace All Other Amendments With Second Amendment

Weighed down by accusations that the pushback against Black Lives Matter protesters constitutes an attack on First Amendment rights, and in the wake of DC mayor Muriel Bowser’s invocation of the Third Amendment to attempt the removal of active...

Local Gun Rights Activist: Mass Shootings ‘Aren’t That Big a Deal Because Everyone Dies’

One young libertarian gun rights activist explains why mass shootings aren't so bad -- because "mortality."

Gun Rights Activist Will Only Fly Across Country On His AR-15 After Airlines Drop NRA Partnerships

SPRINGFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA -- In his home town, there is perhaps no stronger or vocal proponent of the Second Amendment than Grant Phillips. That is to say, Phillips himself admits, that there is no bigger proponent of the modern reading...

Open Carry Activist Shoots Himself, Stops Potential Shooting Incident

An advocate of open carry gun laws tells a harrowing story of stopping a potentially dangerous shooter all by himself.

KKK Plans Torchlight “Get Well Soon” Tribute and March for Steve Scalise

A local MS KKK chapter plans to pay honor to fellow white supremacist and injured Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) with a torchlight rally.

Wayne LaPierre Makes Impassioned Plea For Congress to Pretend Friends and Colleagues Were First Graders

NRA Executive Vice-President Wayne LaPierre wants members of Congress to pretend their friends and colleagues were just innocent first graders.

Wayne LaPierre Shoots and Kills Thoughts and Prayers That Accidentally Wandered Onto His Property

Wayne LaPierre takes aim at America's hope for a less violent future.
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Tucker Carlson Lands Exclusive Interview With Putin’s Taint

A visibly excited Tucker Carlson announced on Fox News this morning that he would be flying to Moscow this...
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