Trump Left “Upper Decker” In Conference Hall Bathroom After Departing NATO Summit

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM -- Reports are coming in that President Donald Trump left behind a "very special, very smelly present" for leaders of the other NATO alliance members after leaving the annual conference in Brussels today. "Before departing the conference hall,...

Trump Open Hand Smacks Merkel Across Face and Tells Her ‘Vladimir Putin Says Hello’ BRUSSELS, BELGIUM -- President Trump made quite an international splash at the annual NATO summit this morning when he blasted Germany for signing natural gas deals with Russia, which he says violates NATO accords. Reportedly, Mr. Trump wasn't done insulting...

Trump Supporter Glad to Have The President ‘Tweeting Crazy Shit from Home’ Again

Donald Trump is back home from his long trip abroad, and this supporter of his is just glad the crazy tweets are coming from Washington once more.

Merkel Offers to Comfort and Counsel Americans Dealing With Their ‘Angry, Fascist Despot’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made a rather surprising, historic, and compassionate offer to Trump-resistant Americans.

Angela Merkel Pays $300 Billion NATO Bill In Monopoly Money, Says It’s ‘Fake Money For A Fake President’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is really starting to step into the her new role as leader of the free world, and sent a message to Trump.
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46th Smartest President Allowed Back on Facebook and Instagram

Citing their policy to be "open to humans of all intelligence levels," Meta has announced that they will lift...
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