George Papadopoulos

Trump Pardons Benedict Arnold, Robert E. Lee, and Himself

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The outgoing, one-term, lame duck, permanently impeached President of the United States has not yet finished issuing 11th hour pardons. Last night, Trump issued pardons and commutations to a slew of people. Some people Trump pardoned were...

Jeff Sessions ‘Can’t Remember’ If He ‘Lied About Forgetting’ Or If He ‘Forgot About Lying’

"I simply can't remember if I lied about forgetting contacts with Russia, or if I forgot that I lied, okay?"

Press Secretary Asks Congress if She Can Be Paid By The Lie

"I just think I'll make way more by volume that way."
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I Live in Arkansas. Can My 10 Year Old Work as a Bouncer at a Drag Bar?

I moved to Arkansas before I was a father, so I can't say that I'd even be thinking about...
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