Fuck Joe Biden

Super Brave, Heavily Armed Patriot Too Cowardly to Shout ‘Fuck Joe Biden!’ at NASCAR Race

BEDFORD FOREST, MICHIGAN -- He estimates that he has roughly six dozen guns, though he brings in new weaponry to his militia's armory so often that keeping an exact inventory is quite difficult. He runs in the same circles...

Brandon Can’t Go, Because He Got COVID, Took Horse Dewormer for It, and Died

In what could be devastating news for millions of Confederate Americans, Brandon has died. Despite weeks of public encouragement from pro-MAGA Americans -- including at several college sporting events -- it was announced today that Brandon simply cannot "go"...
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Musk Unsure Whether to Skip Child Support or Twitter Loan Payment This Month

Recently, billionaire hair plug recipient Elon Musk revealed that he believes Twitter has lost about half its value since...
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