Trump Demands MySpace Make Him Part of Everyone’s Top 8

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today on the Hill, a House special select subcommittee hosted executives from some of the top tech companies in the country. Execs from Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple all testified before the committee, which has been...

Man Doesn’t Deny He Dealt It, But Callously Refuses To Smellt It

RUSTY WIND FALLS, MINNESOTA -- Everyone in the room knew he did it, Bob Phalinger didn't deny he did it. The blame for the malodorous emission from his posterior was not in doubt, ever, during the entire incident at 329...
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Hillary Clinton Circling Mar-A-Lago Shouting “Lock Him up!”

"I told Mr. Trump that quite frankly Ms. Clinton has earned this one, and we won't be doing anything...
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