Obama’s Gun Confiscation Count: Week #381

Obama's Gun Confiscation rattles on, but can freedom do the same?!

Scott Walker Wants to Replace Statue of Liberty Torch With Upraised Middle Finger

Walker will tell supporters that "imaginary, invisible lines in land masses" need to be protected in order to "guarantee that American exceptionocitization continues far into the future."

EXCLUSIVE! We Talk to a 2-Month Old Fetus About Its Feelings on Abortion!

We went right to the source to find some new perspective on abortion.

Ruined Traditional Marriage Count (Week #5)

Did gay marriage ruin your straight marriage this week too?!

Ruined Traditional Marriage Count (Week #4)

Hide your wedding album! The gay marriage gestapo is on its way!
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Sinema Congratulates Fellow Dems on Senate Majority She Will Work with GOP to Thwart

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Perhaps nobody is as excited that her fellow Democrats will hold the Senate majority for the...
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