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Betsy DeVos Wants Tithing Plates to Replace Public School Fundraisers

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has a unique and new idea for helping struggling schools to make a little extra money for extracurricular activities.

VP Pence Suggests Tearing Down Wall Between Church And State And Using It To Build The Border Wall

If you ask Mike Pence, the wall separating church and state in this country could be dismantled and put to much better use.

Trump Signs Executive Order Authorizing New, Alternative Constitution

After more than 200 years using the same one, President Donald Trump thinks it's time to shake things up and go with an alternative Constitution.

Local Republican: The First Amendment Is For Hurting Gays, Not Protecting Muslims

HOBART, ARKANSAS -- Clem O'Connell calls himself a "deeply religious, deeply conservative, deeply principled Constitutionalist." Clem says that he reads the Bill of Rights once a week, and the entire Constitution once a year, just so he is as...

Atheist Alabama Judge to State’s Chief Justice: I Can’t Find God’s Signature on the Constitution

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has an interesting theory as to why he should get to keep gay people unmarried in his state, but one other Alabama judge disagrees.

Muslim State Senator Wants All Christian Churches Monitored 24/7

Could new legislation in New York make Christian churches in the states targets of special scrutiny?

Muslim American Wonders if Ben Carson Is Fit to Be Called ‘Not Dumb’

Ben Carson told Chuck Todd recently that he doesn't think Muslims should be president. One Muslim woman thinks that makes him "dumb."

Gay, Atheist Cop Cites Victims’ Religious Beliefs And Doesn’t Stop Vandalism at Baptist Church Picnic

Kim Davis' stand in Kentucky has inspired an equal and opposite reaction from a public servant in Arkansas.

Ruined Traditional Marriage Count (Week #3)

Did your traditional, heterosexual marriage get ruined by gay marriage this week? Click through and find out!
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Tennessee Man Cleans Up Quickly After Spanking It to Avoid Charges of Attempted Murder

It's not that he would lie around, languishing in the self-extracted afterglow. But now that it seems like the...
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