First Amendment

White House Promises More On-Camera Briefings Once They’re Not Beta Cucks Anymore

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says that once the administration gets tougher and grows a set, they'll start on-camera pressers again.

Pastor Commends Sexual Predator Who Wants to Fuck His Daughter for Defending Christian Values

Good, fine, upstanding Christian men and women should be jumping at the chance to heap praise on the sexual predator in chief.

Sean Spicer’s Head Literally Explodes During White House Press Briefing

Tough questions make Sean Spicer's head explode at a recent White House press briefing, when questions of wiretapping were brought up.

Man Who Burned, Shot, and Hung Obama In Effigy Really Offended By Snoop Dogg’s Anti-Trump Video

After eight years of protesting President Barack Hussein Obama with provocative imagery, one man says Snoop Dogg went too far against Trump.

VP Pence Suggests Tearing Down Wall Between Church And State And Using It To Build The Border Wall

If you ask Mike Pence, the wall separating church and state in this country could be dismantled and put to much better use.

Out Of Toilet Paper, Trump Uses The First Amendment To Wipe His Gigantic, Disgusting, Orange Ass

It was a tense few moments, but luckily Donald Trump had the First Amendment handy and could wipe his butt with it.

Trump Orders First Amendment Revised To Protect “Freedom Of The Friendly Press”

Maybe the Constitution doesn't currently protect it, but Sub-President Trump really wants the First Amendment to only cover the friendly press.

Walt Disney’s Frozen Head Yells At John Lassiter For Not Promoting PewDiePie

When Disney severed ties with YouTube star PewDiePie this week, its decapitated, cryogenically frozen founder was none too pleased.

Nevada Republican Seeks To End Open Carrying Of Protest Signs

Is it time for common sense sign reform in Nevada?
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It's not that he would lie around, languishing in the self-extracted afterglow. But now that it seems like the...
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