Texas Woman Files Paperwork to Reclassify Her Genitals as a Firearm

LIBTERTAD de CUERPA, TEXAS -- Next week, a court in Texas will hear opening arguments in a case that could have wide-ranging impacts in the Lone Star State. If 26 year old Kimberly Miller's petition is granted by the...

The Difficulties of Defining Home Defense

"How is it the right of the government to tell us how much we should penetrate, how often, and how far?"

School Shooting Victim’s Mother Asks Trump If His Travel Ban Would’ve Kept Her Daughter Alive

Her daughter was cut down by a gunman's bullet in a school shooting earlier this year, and now this woman wants answers from Trump.
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President Brandon Promises to Go Visit Trump in Jail

Yesterday, history was made when the New York City District Attorney filed 34 indictments against former President Donald John...
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