Federal Bureau of Investigation

Trump Bans FBI Agents’ Personal Opinions That Align With Pretty Much Most Of The Country

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Following testimony from the Inspector General and the FBI director on the Hill, President Donald Trump is demanding FBI agents immediately forfeit any and all negative personal opinions of him. During his testimony, Inspector General Horowitz confirmed...

Trump’s Tweeting Fingers Shaking Uncontrollably While He Watches Comey Testimony

Reports from the White House indicate that President Trump is having tremendous difficulty keeping himself from tweeting while James Comey testifies.

Report: Trump Could Nominate Frederick Douglass For FBI Director Post

President Donald Trump thinks way, way, way outside of most boxes on Earth. Replacing FBI Director James Comey will be another of those instances.

Vladimir Putin Sent Kislyak With Shortlist of James Comey’s Replacement for President Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave two of his envoys a list for his bitch, President Donald Trump, to use as candidates to replace James Comey.

Richard Nixon Seen Jacking Off Furiously as James Comey is Fired by Donald Trump

Richard Nixon didn't know you could just fire the FBI director like Trump just did to James Comey. That would've changed everything.
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MTG Claims She Saw Leprechauns Planting Pots of Gold Near Southern Border

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) told the House Subcommittee on Racist Nationalism today that while she was visiting the...
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