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Hillary Clinton Says Comey Firing Is Proof Men Are ‘Too Emotional’ To Lead Effectively

Hillary Clinton told a conference of women recently that Trump firing James Comey as FBI Director proves men might be too emotional to be president.

Donald Trump, Having Just Fired James Comey, Accidentally Bit Ivanka While She Spoon-Fed Him Soup

In the critical moments after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, he bit another hand that was feeding him.

Richard Nixon Seen Jacking Off Furiously as James Comey is Fired by Donald Trump

Richard Nixon didn't know you could just fire the FBI director like Trump just did to James Comey. That would've changed everything.

Trump Demands “World’s Best FBI Director” Mug Back From James Comey

A rift might be permanently opening between Co-President Donald J. Trump and FBI Director James Comey after an investigation was confirmed.
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Donald Trump Finding Out

Well...shit. How didĀ thisĀ end up happening, anyway? Doesn't everyone indicting him understand the rules have never, and never will apply...
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