2020 Republican Nationalist Convention Will Close With Ceremonial Book Burning

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Donald Trump will close out the 2020 Republican Nationalist Convention tonight by tossing a ceremonial match onto a pile of gasoline soaked books, igniting them and capping off almost a week of fanfare and fluffing...

Babylon Bee Writer Laughing At “Blazing Saddles” for All The Wrong Reasons

Beau McGriff has been writing for the website known as The Babylon Bee for a few months now. Fresh out of seminary school, Beau applied to write for many outlets that he felt fit his lifestyle and point of view, which...

Area Voter Takes The Gun Out Of His Mouth When He Realizes There Are Only 5 Weeks Until The Election

One man is VERY thankful the election's just five weeks away.

Omarosa: Americans Will ‘Raise Their Arms And Salute’ Her D-List Reality Star Boss

Reality-TV has-been Omarosa has some "thoughts."
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President Brandon Promises to Go Visit Trump in Jail

Yesterday, history was made when the New York City District Attorney filed 34 indictments against former President Donald John...
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