Trump Will Spend Last Day as President Farting in Every Room in The White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Donald Trump has just barely over 24 hours left on the clock, and then he will no longer be President of the United States. While Trump has spent the majority of the last four years pretending...

Trump Claims It Was Obama Who Farted on All The Brand New Couches in the White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In recent days, President Donald Trump has renewed his attacks on his predecessor. Mr. Trump's political career began specifically in response to the presidency of Barack Obama. For many years, Trump was the loudest, most devoted voice...

House Republicans To Sneak Giving Obama ‘Brown Musket’ Into Jobs Bill

Will House Republicans get language inserted in a jobs bill allowing them to blow dirty wind in Obama's face whenever they want?
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I Live in Arkansas. Can My 10 Year Old Work as a Bouncer at a Drag Bar?

I moved to Arkansas before I was a father, so I can't say that I'd even be thinking about...
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