Fake News Awards

Homeless Vet Pretty Sure He Can Get His Daughter’s Medication With And Eat Trump’s Fake News Awards

APPLE HILLS, OHIO -- Harry McMichaels is a 38 year old homeless veteran of the Iraq War. McMichaels lives in various shelters around his small Ohio town with his wife and daughter, who has a health condition that requires...

Dozens Of Tiny Envelopes Ordered For President Trump’s Fake News Awards

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Over six dozen of the world's tiniest envelopes have been ordered and are on their way in an Amazon truck to the White House, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed this morning from her office. The...
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Who Got Paid More to Suck Trump’s Dick: Stormy or Jim Jordan?

As far as the world can tell, there are two people who we can reliably assume have sucked Donald...
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