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Trump Signs Executive Order Making All His Future Bowling Scores 300s

In his latest executive order, President Trump wants to ensure his legacy as a ...

President Trump Eliminates The Judicial Branch Via Executive Order

You might think the country really needs its Judicial Branch, but if you do, ...

Trump Upset President Bannon Won’t Put His Signed Executive Orders On White House Fridge

Co-Presidents Trump and Bannon recently had a tense but productive conversation about where signed ...

Trump Signs Executive Order To Make Approval Ratings Work Like Golf Scores

President Trump's historically low approval ratings might have been embarrassing to him for a ...

Daily American Greatness Tracker – Day 8 & 9

We're tracking American Greatness every single day of President Donald J. Trump's historic presidency.

Trump Signs Executive Order Authorizing New, Alternative Constitution

After more than 200 years using the same one, President Donald Trump thinks it's ...

Obama’s Gun Confiscation Count: Week #361 – Executive Order Edition

Obama's Gun Confiscation count, tabulated especially after his new gun control executive orders.

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