Local Gym Owner Confident His COVID-19 Email Just Made All the Difference

SPAMM MOUNTAIN, WASHINGTON -- As he closed down his laptop for the day yesterday, Scott McGee knew he'd "done it," he told his wife later that night. He'd sent the one email that could make all the difference in...

Hillary Clinton Leaves Voicemail for Roger Stone Apologizing That Her Emails Got Him Locked Up

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton left a voicemail over the weekend for Roger Stone, apologizing for her emails ultimately leading to his arrest. "Roger, it's come to my attention that I'm not going to...

Hillary Clinton Is Circling Ivanka Trump’s House Shouting “Lock Her Up”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Authorities and eyewitnesses close to the situation are confirming at the time of publication that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been circling the D.C. area home of First Daughter-lady Ivanka Trump, shouting at...

Hillary Clinton Circling Omarosa’s Building Shouting, ‘Lock Her Up!’

At the time of publication, eyewitnesses are reporting that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been circling the home of former Trump administration staffer Omarosa Manigault in a late model sedan shouting, "Lock her up!" Ms. Manigault has...

Donald Trump Jr. Plans To Invoke Attorney-Dumbfuck Privilege At Every Future Russia Hearing

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Yesterday, Donald Trump Jr., the president's son spent hours getting interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee about his actions during and after last year's election. Donald Trump Jr. has been one of the key, central...

Hillary Spotted in NYC, Circling Donald Trump Jr.’s Building & Shouting ‘But HIS Emails!’

As news broke of his own email problems, Hillary Clinton circled Donald Trump Jr.'s block to mock him over them.

Preparations Underway for President Trump’s First Date With Putin

At the G20 summit later this week, Trump and Putin will get a chance to have their first official date since Russia helped Trump win last year's election.

White House July 4th Festivities Delayed While Spicer Finds Trump’s Lapel Pin

The White House staff was in a frenzy as the big Fourth of July plans had to be delayed while they tracked down Trump's lapel pin.

Doctors Rushing to Remove Sally Yates’ Foot from Ted Cruz’s Rectum

During her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, former acting Attorney General Sally Yates rammed her foot deep inside Ted Cruz's ass.
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President Brandon Promises to Go Visit Trump in Jail

Yesterday, history was made when the New York City District Attorney filed 34 indictments against former President Donald John...
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