Electoral College

National Association of A-Holes Kicks Cruz Out Over His Role in Stoking Capitol Riot

CULERO, TEXAS -- The National Association of A-Holes has decided to expel one of its most famous, loyal, and heretofore well-respected board members. In a letter dated just two days after a violent, deadly insurrection against the capitol, spurred on...

Trump Wants to Know How Many Electoral College Votes He Got From Puerto Rico Before He Helps Them

The island of Puerto Rico is reeling in the wake of Hurricane Maria. But Donald Trump wants to know how much they helped him win the presidency first.

Trump Comforts Harvey Victims With Copies of 2016 Electoral College Map

After trillions of gallons of water, earth shattering winds, and days of battering weather, Donald Trump soothes the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Trump: Seven Perished Sailors in USS Fitzgerald Crash Died Defending His Electoral College Victory

The seven victims of the USS Fitzerald crash with a merchant vessel will receive a brand new honor from President Trump.

President Trump Tucks Folded Up Electoral College Map Into Western Wall

While visiting the historic Western Wall in Jerusalem, President Donald Trump reportedly snuck a little bragging note into God.

Trump Signs EO Declaring Electoral College Margin Of Victory “Amazing And Historical”

Co-President Donald Trump signed an order relating to his Electoral College victory that he hopes helps the country "move on" from the election last year.

Local Confederate Flag Defender Really Tired Of ‘Libtards Not Accepting’ President Trump

Clem O'Connell loves his confederate flag, and he's very angry that liberals haven't accepted President Trump's election yet.

Trump Will Ask Congress For Law Mandating He Gets To Take It All With Him

It may easier to thread the eye of the needle than for him to get into heaven, but Trump wants to get his riches through that eye too.

5 Electoral College Alternatives to Donald Trump (VIDEO)

When the Electoral College meets next week, many are hoping they choose someone other than Donald Trump. Here are some suggestions for them.

Mike Pence, Vladimir Putin Reportedly In Tiff Over Who Gets To Control Trump

An anonymous source on Team Trump says Mike Pence had some extra special concerns over reports of Russian hacks of the presidential election.
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Tennessee Man Cleans Up Quickly After Spanking It to Avoid Charges of Attempted Murder

It's not that he would lie around, languishing in the self-extracted afterglow. But now that it seems like the...
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