Rich Guy Buying An Election Explains Why $38k/Day For Sanders’ Secret Service Is Outrageous

If you thought buying off an election was the worst thing ever, you're wrong as hell!

Nation’s Females and Minorities Relieved They Won’t Be Asked to Be Trump’s VP

New polling shows relief among women and minorities at not being considered for Trump's VP.

Scientists Studying If Canada Or Mexico Handle U.S. Refugees From President Trump’s America

With Donald Trump our next president, top researchers want to know if the U.S. has neighbors that can take its castoffs and refugees.

Priebus Peeved Town Turd Polisher Didn’t Polish His Turds Enough

Reince Priebus has not had a good week between the CNBC debate and a batch of turds not being shined to his liking.

5 Predictions for Tonight’s GOP Debate You Can Take to the Bank

Will Trump show off his new tattoo, or will Scott Walker dance a jig?

Poll Shows Ted Cruz, Rand Paul Have Dropped Out But Just Don’t Know It Yet

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul may not like the results of polling analysis contained in the article.

Scott Walker Is Very Confused About ‘Everything’

From birthright citizenship to climate change to Obama's love of America, Scott Walker is very confused.
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