election 2016

Local Woman Anxious For Hatred Among Fellow Americans To Return To Pre-Trump Levels

She just wants her fellow Americans to hate each other like they used to.

Ted Cruz Challenges Donald Trump To No Holds Barred ‘Battle of the A-Holes’

Who's the bigger a-hole -- Ted Cruz or Donald Trump? Cruz wants to find out.

Nation Prepares to ‘Give a F**k’ About New New Hampshirite Political Opinions

The New Hampshire primaries are in full-swing, which means the nation is pretending to care about the Granite State.

Sad Libertarian Doesn’t Get Why His Unpopular Candidate With Unpopular Ideas Was Dropped From Debate

When Rand Paul was kicked off the adult debate stage, that was enough to enrage one libertarian Facebook admin to the point of screed writing.

Ben Carson: ‘F**k Mike Huckabee, I’m the Religious Nuts’ Candidate!’

Dr. Ben Carson wants the world to know he can be just as religiously crazy as Mike Huckabee.
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Boebert: “I Don’t Have to Be Able to Spell Socialism to Condemn It!”

Today, House Republicans will tackle the issue that every American knows is the most important. However, if you thought...
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