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DeSantis: Florida History Books Must Remove White Wigs and Rouge from Images of Founders

With the stroke of his pen, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (Q) ordered all history books in his state to be immediately removed from classrooms. Gov. DeSantis' order attempts to legally force textbook publishers to remove depictions of the men...

DeSantis Bars Florida’s Kids From Watching Monty Python, Kids in the Hall

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not done fighting the forces of woke and protecting his state's children from inappropriate things, like men in drag. This morning, DeSantis signed an order that makes it a Class 3 felony for anyone under...
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Hillary Clinton Circling Mar-A-Lago Shouting “Lock Him up!”

"I told Mr. Trump that quite frankly Ms. Clinton has earned this one, and we won't be doing anything...
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