Don McGahn

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Officially Declare Him Above The Law and ‘More Co-Equaler’ Than Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Unites States of America seems to be sliding ever quicker into a full-blown Constitutional crisis, and President Donald Trump told media outlets today he plans to "bigly resolve the drama" by seeking redress from the...

Trump Says He Didn’t Try To Fire Mueller, The President Of Puerto Rico Did

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND -- Yesterday, The New York Times dropped a bombshell report on the Trump administration, detailing events corroborated by multiple sources and news outlets that indicate the president tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller last June, but backed down...
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DeSantis Bans Depictions of Nude Baby Jesus in Florida

Just hours after a Tallahassee school principal was fired because parents complained their children were exposed to one of...
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