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Ghost of FDR Worries Fellow Socialist Sanders May Only Be Elected to Two Terms

The ghost of Franklin D. Roosevelt, former President of the United States held a press conference from The Great Beyond today, during which he acknowledged that he has "some great fears" about the candidacy of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders....

Norwegian Woman Would Never Live In ‘Any S_ _thole Countries’ Without Universal Healthcare

The world was shocked by the frank, obtuse, and obscene language used by President Donald Trump when he once chose to express that he would prefer that the United States cut off the flow of immigrants from countries he...

MAGA Boy Pretty Sure He Can Insult His Way into AOC’s Stupid Commie Pants

RICCI RIVER, NEW JERSEY -- If there's one thing that 35 year old right-wing writer Bill Wickidildaugh knows it's that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a dangerous socialist who was indoctrinated by her higher-education into being an ignorant moron communist...

J. Hubert Christ: Heaven’s Email System Downed By Flood of Prayers for Bernie Sanders Victory

Jesus Christ says all the prayers about Bernie Sanders' campaign have broken his company's electronic prayer request system.

Wild-Eyed Socialist Proposes Crazy Idea to Conservative College Crowd: Compromise

Some crazy guy visited a hardcore conservative Bible college and had the balls to suggest Americans should set aside their differences and work together.

Doesn’t Change A Thing: Crazy, Unelectable, SOCIALIST Surges To Top of NH Polls

A totally meaningless poll shows Bernie leading Hillary. Pffft. Like that means anything.

Thousands in Deep Red State Come to See Democratic Socialist With No Chance to Win Election

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- There are few states redder than Louisiana is. Citizens of the Creole Capital of the World enjoy the loosest and most lax gun laws imaginable, income taxes are incredibly low, as are corporate and sales taxes....

‘Absolute Ass-Load’ Of People Show Up to Hear Man Who Has No Chance of Winning

Another spectacularly large group of people showed up to show their support for Bernie Sanders, who clearly none of them will vote for next year.

Bernie Sanders Gives Speech Hillary ‘Plans to Crib From Heavily’

Bernie Sanders gave a rousing speech to start his presidential campaign, which excites Team have something to copy from.
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