Super Pro-American MAGA Patriot Rooting for Murderous Dictator to Beat Biden In Debate

He really loves the United States but really wants the American president to lose in a debate with the Russian president/chief murderer.

Trump Complains Debate Moderator Will Ask Questions About His Real Record Instead of His Imaginary One

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The President of the United States of America is the most powerful elected position ever created in the history of humanity. President Donald J. Trump told reporters today that he's decided to wield that power by...

Ivanka: “How Come Debates Are the Only Things Daddy Can Pull Out Of?”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Actual First Lady was, according to several sources close to the situation this afternoon, very confused. Word had just gotten to Ivanka Trump that her father had decided to not participate in the next scheduled...

Trump Surrogate: Donald Was Just Sniffing Brains Back Into Skull During The Debate

Wait, what was Donald sniffing during the debates?

Area Republican Will Mansplain To You Why Trump Won The First Debate

Did Trump win the first debate? Let this guy explain why he thinks so.

PolitiFact, Scientists Agree: First Debate Trump Lies Could Change Earth’s Axial Tilt

Can his lies at the first debate give Trump the power to change the planet's tilt?

Angry Orange Orangutan Who Wants To Be President Afwaid Of Tough Debate Questions

A giant orange simian has thoughts on debate questions.

Trump Advisers Busy In ‘Deep Debate Prep,’ Pumping Donald’s Head Full Of Farts

Advisers are busy getting Trump ready for the debates.

GOP ‘Stoked’ Civil Debate Let Viewers See How Disgusting Their Ideas and Not Their Candidates Are

The latest GOP debate gave Republican a chance to showcase how terrible their ideas, and not just their candidates, are.
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Mark Meadows Signals Intent to Plead the Filth Before January 6th Committee

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, through his attorney, has made the House Select Committee investigating the...
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