CNN debate

Cruz, Rubio Both Claim to Have Finally ‘Out-Asshole’d Trump in Latest Debate

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz argue over who was a bigger a-hole than Donald Trump in the last debate.

Sleepy-Eyed Ben Carson Shows Up Two Days Late for CNN Debate

You might have thought you saw Ben Carson at the CNN debate, but your eyes may have been fooling you.

Daesh Thanks Republican Party For the Free Propaganda During CNN Debate

After the CNN Debate, Daesh released a statement thanking the GOP for the free airtime.

Another Republican Debate Drinking Game

This Republican Debate Drinking Game is like none other, we promise you that.

Donald Trump Demands ‘Non-Stop Oral’ For CNN Debate Appearance

Not only does he want five million bucks, Donald Trump wants something a lot more personal to appear at the next CNN debate.

5 Predictions for Tonight’s GOP Debate You Can Take to the Bank

Will Trump show off his new tattoo, or will Scott Walker dance a jig?
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DeSantis Wants $6 Billion to Build Bonfire Pits at Every Florida Library

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Q) wants the state's legislature to give his administration $6 billion in taxpayer funds so...
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