Clem O'Connell

Trump Supporter Recovering From Honeymoon Groin Injuries After Marrying AR-15

When Clem O'Connell married his darling AR-15, he thought he'd be in for a lifetime of happiness. But his honeymoon turned quickly disastrous.

Trumper Confused Where Paddock Got His Guns From Since Obama Took Them All

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had an arsenal at his disposal. But one right-wing podcaster thinks Barack Obama might be to be blame.

Trump Supporter Confused Why “Travel” Ban Didn’t Prevent Las Vegas Act of Terror

After the deadliest mass shooting in American history in Las Vegas, one right-winger is very confused about it's implications for Trump's travel ban.

Trump Supporter and Tabasco Lahren Agree: Only Welfare Taking Moochers Burn American Flags

Tammy Lahren recently implied that only people on welfare burn the American flag in protest. On a popular conservative podcast, the host agreed.

Trump Supporter Visits Germany and Wonders Aloud, “Where Are All The Hitler Statues?”

Tired of all the efforts to pull down Confederate statues, a Trump supporter goes to Germany for inspiration and is confused by what he doesn't see.

Angry Trump Supporter Threatens NPR Reporter Who Quoted President Trump’s Inaugural Address

When an NPR reporter started quoting from Trump's inaugural address, things got awkward for one of his most ardent supporters.

OP-ED: Our Confederate Participation Monuments Need to Be A Safe Space from Liberal Cucks!

According to the author of this op-ed piece, Confederate monuments being taken down is un-American, wrong, and hurts his fee-fees.

Trump Voter On Delta Flight Explains Freedom Of Speech Doesn’t Cover Arabic

HOBART, ARKANSAS -- Clem O'Connell says he was on a flight recently that garnered some national buzz. This week, the story of a man being kicked off a Delta flight when, according to the man's story, passengers became upset...

Man Who Calls Lincoln A ‘Tyrant’ Has No Issue With Trump’s Assassination Comments

This guy thinks Trump's assassination jokes are totes hilarious.
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Jesus Really Loved Sam Smith’s and Kim Petras’ Grammy Performance

Many conservative commentators have been apoplectic about singers Sam Smith and Kim Petras appearance at this past weekend's Grammy...
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