Jesus Christ Doesn’t ‘Have Any Fucks to Give’ About the Fox News Christmas Tree

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, ETERNITY -- This week, Conservative America has been highly focused on what is being described in certain circles as the most egregious attacks in the left's long-running war on Christmas in quite some time, if not...

Trump Hints He May Renegotiate ‘That Santa Claus Thing’ Before Next Year’s Christmas

Trump and Santa Claus might be meeting to discuss the terms of the annual gift distribution program. Times are changing, indeed.

Donald Trump’s Christmas Shopping List (VIDEO)

When you're Donald Trump, you still need to buy people things for Christmas. But what does he get? This video tries to answer that question.

Donald Trump’s Christmas Wish List (VIDEO)

Looking to get Donald Trump, or any orange-faced fascist in your life something special for Christmas? Look no further than this list.

Santa Claus Asks Gun Owners to Stow Weapons Before He Comes

Santa Claus has released a statement asking gun owners to safely stow their weapons before he delivers presents to their children.

We Asked These 2016 Presidential Candidates What They Wanted for Christmas

Find out what your favorite candidate wants for Christmas here!

Politician and Pundit 2014 Christmas Gift Ideas (VIDEO)

Not sure what to get that politician or pundit on your gift list for Christmas this year? Take a look at our suggestions.

A Report from the Front Lines of the War on Christmas

We sent our top reporter to the front line of the War on Christmas to get the down and dirty on how the plot to erase Christianity from America by way of a winter holiday is going.
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