Christian Man Kicked Off Airplane For Harassing Praying Islamic American

He couldn't leave an Islamic American passenger alone to pray, so he was asked to deplane.

Confused Evangelical Christian Takes Newt Gingrich’s Sharia Test And Fails

"I took Newt's proposed Sharia Law test, and the dang thing said I'm a believer in Sharia Law."

Atheist Tennessee Therapist Prepares to Deny Services to Religious Patients

One Tennessee is fighting conservatives in his state within his own therapy practice.

Ohio Schools Set to Start Teaching Pull-Out Only Sex Ed Classes

Ohio sex ed classes just a got a whole lot more interesting.

Man Sees Image of Jesus in 7-Eleven Holiday Cup

As the furor over the Starbucks Holiday Cup Crisis rages on, one man has found solace, and a little spiritual inspiration with another coffee purveyor.

Jesus Christ: ‘Hey Republicans I Love ALL The Children of the World, Remember?’

Jesus Christ weighs in on "anchor babies" and immigration reform.

Ruined Traditional Marriage Count (Week #5)

Did gay marriage ruin your straight marriage this week too?!

Ruined Traditional Marriage Count (Week #4)

Hide your wedding album! The gay marriage gestapo is on its way!

LA Gay Couple Prepared To Be Blamed for All Natural Disasters ‘From Here On Out’

This gay couple is ready to be blamed for everything under the sun, unless that explodes too, in the wake of the SCOTUS gay marriage ruling.
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Local Domestic Terrorist Really Wants You To See Hunter Biden’s Dick

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Congresspony Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) recently told reporters in the nation's capitol she's "outraged and incensed"...
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