Ted Cruz Single-Handedly Ruins Porn for Everyone

When Ted Cruz liked a pornographic tweet from his official Twitter account this week, he started a mini-scandal, but did he also ruin porn forever?

To Remind Scott Baio That Cancer Exists, God Renames It “Scott Baio”

God and Jesus aren't really big fans of Scott Baio after the actor made some rather insensitive comments about a former co-star's death.

Cheerful Pence Adds “Caused Spike In Teenage Abortions” to “Gave Whole State More AIDS” on Career Highlight Scrapbook

Vice-President Pence got to cast a tie-breaking vote that helped take women's control over their own vaginae away, which pleased him so.

Huckabee: ‘Criminalization Of Christianity is Coming. Just Ask Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Pat Robertson…’

Mike Huckabee thinks once the gays can get married, it'll be open season on religion in a country with a clause in its constitution expressly forbidding laws against religion.
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Tennessee Man Cleans Up Quickly After Spanking It to Avoid Charges of Attempted Murder

It's not that he would lie around, languishing in the self-extracted afterglow. But now that it seems like the...
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