Obama Releases List of States That Have Legally Barred Him From Running Charities

SECRET COMMUNIST SHARIA BUNKER, KENYA -- Former President Barack Hussein Obama has, for the most part, not weighed in on American politics since leaving office in January 2017. Despite the fact that the man who succeeded him has shown no...

Trump Charity Accused of Stealing Donations Meant for Kids With Windmill Cancer

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The Trump Pediatric Windmill Cancer Foundation has been formally accused by the State of New York of misappropriating funds that were supposed to go to research into and medical care for children afflicted with...

Trump Blames Hurricane Charity Check Delay On Not Doing Any Fundraisers For Cancer Kids Recently

Even though no one has seen the million dollar donation that Trump promised to make, Trump says it's coming. He just has to rob some cancer kids first.

Christian Man Refuses To Put Quarter In Homeless Man’s Starbucks “Holiday” Cup

A Starbucks holiday cup puts a kibosh on one man's charitable spirit.

Conservative Economics Student Explains Why The Poor Should Just Be Left to Die Off

One young capitalist thinks we should be playing some Social Darwinism with the poor.

Jesus Christ: ‘It’s Cute’ When Conservative, Christian Americans Think Bernie’s Too Socialist

Jesus Christ: "They still have the balls to say they follow my teachings? Pfffft."

George W. Bush Gives Iraq Vet A Ride Home; Asks For Gas Money

George W. Bush has a funny way of showing respect to the men and women he asked to die for his B.S. war.

Alabama GOP Considering Bill to Force Stomach Pumping of Welfare Recipients

Alabama doesn't want Wisconsin having all the fun crapping on welfare recipients.

Wal-Mart Starts Charity Fund For Employees Who Donated Their Food To Their Co-Workers

Wal-Mart has a new idea to help their most needy employees: more incestuous charity from their workforce.
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Smithsonian Apologizes for Escaped Horse Faced Cave Troll’s Disruptions During State of the Union

Last night, one of the Smithsonian's displays came alive and escaped the confines of the museum. Reportedly, the horse...
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