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I Was Tired of My Kids Being Groomed So I Put Them in Catholic School Where They’ll Be Safe

The following is an editorial submitted to us by Florida resident Chad Beefington. Chad refers to himself as a "concerned parent" of four children, and recently he made the decision to pull them out of public school over concerns...

Bishop Suggests Biden Help Him Cover-Up Sex Abuse If He Wants to Take Communion

If the president wants to take communion, Bishop Richard Tugger suggests that Joe Biden "get more involved" with the archdiocese and help the church cover-up allegations of sexual abuse against members of the clergy. For weeks, a push has...

Boy Scouts of America Moves Headquarters to Vatican City

VATICAN CITY, THE VATICAN -- The Boy Scouts of America is filing for bankruptcy amid a spate of lawsuits filed against it, stemming from multiple allegations of sexual misconduct of varying degrees against their leadership at all levels. As...

Pope Francis Shows Liberal Side By Saying Women Can Be Forgiven For Making Their Own Decisions

Pope Francis says women who take control of their own bodies can be forgiven for that for that now.

Man With Extensive Hat Collection Who Chose Life Without Kids Shames Others for Not Having Kids

Pope Frank says not having kids is a selfish choice. He'd know. He has no kids.
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Jim Jordan Promises House Investigation to Find Wife’s Clit

Rep. Jim Jordan (Q-OH) already has a healthy spate of investigations he's planning to conduct as chairman of the...
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