Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina Fondly Remembers Breaking NFL Rushing Yards Record

Carly Fiorina tells another tale of tremendous grandeur.

Carly Fiorina Claims to Have Seen Proof That Moon Landing Was a Hoax

Carly Fiorina sees all kinds of things in all kinds of videos.

5 Predictions for Tonight’s GOP Debate You Can Take to the Bank

Will Trump show off his new tattoo, or will Scott Walker dance a jig?

Texan Fiscal Genius Rick Perry to Start Paying Campaign Staff in Hugs, Wishes

Rick Perry says he may be out of money, but he can still pay his staff something.

Fox News Announces ‘B-Team’ Debate, Moderated by Inanimate Rock

Fox News has announced plans for a second, B-team debate of Republican contenders.

Donald Trump Mails ‘Turd In a Box’ To Carly Fiorina

Donald Trump left a very "special" gift for another candidate this week.

What These 2016 Presidential Hopefuls Would Do For a Klondike Bar

We asked ten 2016 presidential hopefuls a very important question.

Rand Paul to America: ‘There’s One More Seat in the Clown Car, and It’s Mine!’

Rand Paul 2016 is officially here, and the Chute has got it covered.
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Local Domestic Terrorist Really Wants You To See Hunter Biden’s Dick

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Congresspony Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) recently told reporters in the nation's capitol she's "outraged and incensed"...
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