Can You Identify What’s “Communism” and What’s an “Average Social Program in the 21st Century?”

If you've spent any time on social media recently, and if you've expressed an opinion that indicates you were born in the modern age and acknowledge that fact, you were probably called a "communist," "commie," or maybe a "Soyboy...

Don Jr: ‘Patriots’ Will Stop Taking Unemployment and Get a Job Where They Need Welfare to Survive

During an appearance on Sean Hannity's daily klan rally on the radio, former President Donald Trump's third smartest son implied that people still taking unemployment insurance payments despite being vaccinated against COVID-19 "hate America" and are not "patriots." "Sean, if...

Trump: “Okay You Poor Little Shits, You Get Your Check. Now Go Die for Capitalism.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Microphones caught President Donald J. Trump in a hot mic situation this week, after he'd just concluded the Oval Office signing of the largest stimulus package in U.S. history. Having just signed the $2 trillion coronavirus...

Conservative Still Searching for the Word “Capitalism” in Constitution

LAKE BOOTRIEMEN, MICHIGAN -- For the last 25 years, Jack Mincer has been scouring the Constitution of the United States of America for one, simple word -- "capitalism." MORE: NYC Offers to Paint “Orange Lies Matter” in Front of Trump...

Pat Robertson Says God Wouldn’t Have Let Notre Dame Burn If It Was In ‘Trump’s America’

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- Televangelist and living fossil record Pat Robertson told a podcast audience today that if the famous Notre Dame cathedral had been built in "Donald Trump's America," it would have never caught fire. "Ladies and gentlemen, let...

Sub-President Trump Signs Executive Order Forcing McDonald’s To Give Him Extra McNugget Sauce For Free

Sub-President Trump really loves his nuggets, and he really loves his nugget sauce, and he thinks he should get all the sauce he wants for free.

Trump Hints He May Renegotiate ‘That Santa Claus Thing’ Before Next Year’s Christmas

Trump and Santa Claus might be meeting to discuss the terms of the annual gift distribution program. Times are changing, indeed.

Obama’s Socialist Takeover Shocker: U.S. Economy Adds 270k New Jobs In October

The October employment numbers are in, and Republicans do not like them, but not because they aren't good.

Conservative Economics Student Explains Why The Poor Should Just Be Left to Die Off

One young capitalist thinks we should be playing some Social Darwinism with the poor.

Thousands in Deep Red State Come to See Democratic Socialist With No Chance to Win Election

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- There are few states redder than Louisiana is. Citizens of the Creole Capital of the World enjoy the loosest and most lax gun laws imaginable, income taxes are incredibly low, as are corporate and sales taxes....
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DeSantis Wants $6 Billion to Build Bonfire Pits at Every Florida Library

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Q) wants the state's legislature to give his administration $6 billion in taxpayer funds so...
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