Trump Replaces Entire Cabinet With “Fox & Friends” Hosts

Yet another presidential shakeup as Trump's entire cabinet is fired and replaced with the bobble heads of "Fox & Friends."

Trump Has Ivanka’s Cabinet Seat Removed and She Will Sit on His Lap Instead

First Lady Ivanka Trump will have a new place to sit when Daddy lets her run the meetings in his fancy-shmancy cabinet room!

Trump Considering Hillary Clinton For Secretary Of Campaign Promise Keeping

It was a rough year for Hillary Clinton, but maybe Donald Trump can offer her a position in his cabinet that makes it just a bit better.

Trump Directs NASA To Verify Which Planet Girls Go To When They Get More Stupider

Republicans may not have a reputation for being pro-science, but that doesn't mean Trump won't be taking an active role in NASA's missions.

Mitt Romney Says He’ll Only Have To Sell 47% Of His Soul To Work In Trump Cabinet

Mitt Romney's done the math; he can afford to lose some of his morals and principles.

Trump Hires Totally Normal, Not Racist Man For His Administration

Donald Trump makes a frankly shocking hiring decision for his new administration.
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