Experts Warn: U.S. Economy Now as Depressed By Trump as Americans Are

The April 2020 jobs report is in, and it's an absolute blood bath, which has many financial experts sounding the alarm this morning. The US economy lost 20.5 million jobs in April, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Friday — by...

Summer’s Eve To End Donald Trump Signature Line Of Products

After Nordstrom's and other retailers drop their ties to his daughter, Summer's Eve has decided to cut its Donald Trump line.

Trump Has Ivanka’s Cabinet Seat Removed and She Will Sit on His Lap Instead

First Lady Ivanka Trump will have a new place to sit when Daddy lets her run the meetings in his fancy-shmancy cabinet room!
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Jim Jordan Promises House Investigation to Find Wife’s Clit

Rep. Jim Jordan (Q-OH) already has a healthy spate of investigations he's planning to conduct as chairman of the...
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