Trump Cabinet Races Taxpayer Funded Gold Plated Jet Around Lower 48 States ‘For Shits and Giggles’

The Trump Cabinet just loves to fly big jets all over the country at the taxpayer's expense. Now they're racing a big gold jet for fun.

Mulvaney Explains That Trump Budget Uses ‘Alternative Math’

Budget director Mick Mulvaney explains that the math behind President Trump's new budget isn't wrong. It's just alternative.

Mulvaney And Trump Clink Champagne Glasses, Snack On Lobster, And Toast The Demise Meals On Wheels

Budget director Mick Mulvaney and Co-President Donald J. Trump enjoyed a lovely meal together and toasted the end of Meals on Wheels.

God, Jesus Comment On Trump’s Budget: ‘Fuck That Un-Christian Pile Of Fucking Shit’

God and Jesus just got a look at the details behind Donald Trump's budget. They have some strongly stated opinions and concerns.

Trump’s New Budget Would Slash Costs By Cutting Poor People

Donald Trump's proposed budget would cut costs in some surprising and new ways, but will Congress give him what he wants?

Trump, Paul Ryan Met To Discuss Most Economical Flavors of Cat Food For Social Security Recipients

Paul Ryan meets with President elect Trump to discuss Social Security's future.

5 Things Other Than Sequester That Congressional Republicans Would Rather Avoid

Republicans in Congress are now all too eager to let sequestration cuts go into effect March 1st.
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