Trump Thought Russians Were Paying the Taliban to Throw Paper Towels at U.S. Soldiers

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In an administration seemingly built on and fueled by scandal, the administration's latest fiasco has put them in perhaps one of their toughest positions in three years. Over the weekend, an explosive new report in The New...

Ted Nugent: “If George Lopez Wants to Joke About Killing Presidents, He Has to Mention His Machine Guns”

WASHED-UP HAS BEEN LAKE, MICHIGAN -- Comedian George Lopez recently enraged pro-Trump Americans when he jokingly said on Instagram that he'd accept half the bounty Iranian authorities offered for killing President Donald Trump. During the funeral held for General...
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Jim Jordan Promises House Investigation to Find Wife’s Clit

Rep. Jim Jordan (Q-OH) already has a healthy spate of investigations he's planning to conduct as chairman of the...
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