Black Panther

Tabasco Lahren Says The Wakanda Forever Hashtag Is ‘Just Like The KKK’

VALLE DE PUTANA RACISTA, CALIFORNIA -- Today right-wing firebrand commentator Tinseltown Lahren told listeners of her new podcast that she was "angry, pissed off, and also mad" about a new hashtag she saw on Twitter last week. "What's with this...

Alt-Right Trump Supporter Wonders ‘When Do We Get A White Panther Movie?’

COLD CAVE HILLS, TENNESSEE -- This weekend, semi-popular alt-right commentator and YouTube content producer Jethro Bohiggins took a break from his routine backyard weekend paramilitary exercises and took his wife to see the new Marvel action film, Black Panther. The film...
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DeSantis Wants $6 Billion to Build Bonfire Pits at Every Florida Library

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Q) wants the state's legislature to give his administration $6 billion in taxpayer funds so...
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