Birth Certificate

White House Cleaning Staff Accidentally Find Trump’s Russian Birth Certificate

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A shocking development in the nation's capital today as White House cleaning staff reportedly discovered the long form birth certificate of President Donald J. Trump. Historically, this would not have posed any problems whatsoever for a white,...

FBI Files Reveal JFK Link to Benghazi, Obama’s Birth Certificates, and Order 66 to Wipe Out the Jedi

"I had no idea that George Soros had Obama created out of nothing but midichlorians."

Trump To Give Harvey Victims 20% of What He Offered for Obama’s American Birth Certificate

President Donald Trump clearly cares about the victims of Hurricane Harvey a full 20% as much as he cares about proving Obama's not an American.

Obama Offers To Trade Real Birth Certificate For Wire Tap Recordings

President Trump has been offered the material contained within Obama's wire tap but only if he hands over Obama's real birth certificate.

Trump Finds Evidence Of 3 Trillion Illegal Votes Underneath Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate In White House Vault

Co-President Donald Trump may have just cracked two cases that have been driving the sub-commander in chief batty for some time.

Obama To Spend Two Years Baselessly Harassing Trump About His Birth Certificate

They do say turnabouts is fair play, so that would seem to mean the same works for trolling people over their birth certificate.

Barack Obama’s Post Presidency To Do List (VIDEO)

The whole world wants to know. What's Barack Obama going to do with all that spare time he's about get back in his life?

4 Things Your Republican Uncle Will Hear President Obama Say in His Final State of the Union Address

In his final State of the Union address, we promise that Obama will say all of these things, or at least your uncle will think so.

Republicans React: Obama Headed to His Homeland For the First Time In His Presidency

President Obama is going to Kenya for the first time since being elected president in 2008, and we Republican reactions.
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