Ben Carson

Ben Carson Warns Gina Haspel Against Ordering Expensive Office Torture Devices

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This week, President Donald Trump's controversial pick to lead the CIA, Gina Haspel, was confirmed by a thin, mostly party line vote in the Senate. Despite serious reservations and scrutiny of her past support for George W....

Trump Gives Ben Carson “Head ‘Nogger In Charge” Job For White House Christmas Party

"Frankly, when you say the word 'nogger' to me, I can't think of anyone except Ben Carson."

President Donald Wants to Turn Sally Hemmings’ Secret Slave Quarters Into Trump Hotel “Dream Suite”

The quarters of Sally Hemmings, Jefferson's slave and mother to many of his illegitimate rape babies, has been found. President Trump has a plan for it.

Homeless Man Flips Off Ben Carson and Tells Him ‘Stupidity Is A State of Republicanism’

A confrontation between Ben Carson and a homeless man results in some on the spot education in the Republican Party's platform for the HUD Secretary.

Kushner Begs Ben Carson to Perform Frankenstein Surgery on Trump, Make Him a Smarter Monster

Jared Kushner is desperate to help smarten up his father-in-law and has decided to enlist the HUD Secretary to do so.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Wants To Fix Homelessness By Calling The Homeless ‘Hobos’ Again

Tackling homelessness is the job of any HUD Secretary. Ben Carson has some unique and special ideas for that particular challenge.

Ben Carson’s Niece Repeatedly Refers To Him To Her Friends As “Tom”

While introducing him to her friends, Ben Carson's niece accidentally called him by another name...over and over and over again.

Ben Carson: Ending Slavery Was Wrong Because It Took Work Experience From Dark Skinned, Unpaid Interns

Was abolishing slavery the right thing to do morally, or a gross overreach and expression of truly libtarded libtardery? Ben Carson has ideas.

Daily American Greatness Tracker – Day 11

Think you can't ever really tell how much greater America has been made under President Trump? Think again!
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