President Obama

Trump Claims 100 Million Children Attended His White House Easter Egg Roll

President Trump believes deep in his orange heart that hundreds of millions of people attended the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Susan Rice Stops Robbery, Republicans Worried She Violated Thief’s Right to Privacy

When she accidentally stopped a robbery, did Susan Rice also violate an alleged robber's right to privacy when she gave cops his ID?

Syrian Child Glad Being Trapped Like a Rat in a Cage Helps Boost Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings

President Donald Trump has started bombing a country he doesn't want to allow refugees to come into the United States from.

Merrick Garland Sends Neil Gorsuch Card Congratulating Him On Being Filibustered for the Supreme Court

Merrick Garland saw the filibuster of Neil Gorsuch as a milestone worthy of congratulations, and he sent the man who could get his seat a card.

Trump Signs Order Removing All U.S. Intel Staff and Replacing Them With “Fox and Friends” Hosts

Co-President Donald Trump is replacing the U.S. intelligence community in its entirety and putting the hosts of "Fox and Friends" in its place.

Trump Demands Congress Probe Link Between Clinton, Obama, JFK, Loch Ness Monster, and Miley Cyrus

Donald Trump doesn't just want the Russia/Clinton uranium conspiracy investigated by Congress, he has more tinfoil transmissions to share.

Congressional Republicans Lobby White House To Drop The “C” From Trump’s “Closer” Nickname

Co-President Donald Trump is often referred to by his staff by his nickname, "The Closer." Some in the GOP think it's time to change that.

Woman Phones Doctor, Asks If They Take TrumpCare Tax Cuts As Payment For Breast Cancer Treatments

A local woman has some important questions regarding the logistics of TrumpCare, the GOP replacement for Obamacare.

Shortly After Signing Order Declaring All Truth ‘Relative,’ Trump Makes Inappropriate Sexual Comment About It

The truth. Donald Trump doesn't use it. Doesn't know much about it, really. But he does know he absolutely wants to sleep with it now.

Trump’s Wiretapp Flapp Inspires Him To Demand New Tinfoil Curtains For Entire West Wing

All the hub-bub over his accusations that President Obama ordered an illegal wiretap on him has given Trump a new idea for White House decoration.
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DeSantis Offers $5,000 to Any Cop With COVID That Makes Out With Him

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDUH -- The Governor of Florida is bound and determined to get police officers unvaccinated against COVID-19 to...
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