NRA Files Chapter 11 Moral Bankruptcy

FLINTLOCK, NEW YORK -- The National Rifle Association filed for Chapter 11 Moral Bankruptcy in federal court last week. In doing so, the NRA has publicly and officially declared it is "devoid of any morals or ethics" and is...

Greenland Tells Trump They’re Not Ready to Be Run Into the Ground and Driven Into Bankruptcy Quite Yet

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The President of the United States has received an official communique from the government of Greenland, thanking him for his "kind and generous offer" to purchase the entire country, but ultimately politely rejecting it altogether. "Mr. President,"...
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Jim Jordan Promises House Investigation to Find Wife’s Clit

Rep. Jim Jordan (Q-OH) already has a healthy spate of investigations he's planning to conduct as chairman of the...
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