Women in Arkansas Now Have 90 Days to Register Their Reproductive Organs

Due to a new harsh abortion restriction, women in Arkansas have 90 days to register their junk.

Experts Say Arkansas Abortion Ban Could Mean State Sees 100,000% Increase in Cousin-Siblings

"A scenario that forces every pregnancy to full-term could cause the incestual American population in the state to absolutely, positively explode."

Huckabee Sanders Says She’s Running to ‘Prove You Can Slap Lipstick on a Pig and Call It Governor’

EDITOR'S NOTE: Offended by us calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders a "pig" in this article? You are free to leave your complaints at any one of the kinderconcentration camps Sarah defended, and can tell the migrant orphans Sarah had no...

Arkansas Republican Wants to Install ‘Gaydar’ in Every Building in His State

is the Arkansas anti-LGBT bill just the first step in their state's anti-LGBT push?
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Jim Jordan Promises House Investigation to Find Wife’s Clit

Rep. Jim Jordan (Q-OH) already has a healthy spate of investigations he's planning to conduct as chairman of the...
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