Ann Coulter

Coulter and Greene to Race at Churchill Downs for Charity

Two of America's favorite female equine-Americans have agreed to race for charity, according a joint press release. "The Congressional Office of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, in partnership with succubus and author Ann Coulter, are pleased to announce that a race...

DNA Test Proves Lahren and McEnany Came From Same Sewage Plant as Coulter and Ingraham

Results from a recently conducted DNA test indicate that four of the most popular female conservative "fire brand" commentators all likely came from the same sewage treatment plant. According to LabTest, Inc., they recently finished testing DNA samples provided by...

UPDATE: Ann Coulter Still a Horse-Faced Racist Cuntrag

Ann Coulter, conservative author and race war agitator, is still officially considered a "horse-faced racist cuntrag," according to internationally accepted laws and standards governing such classifications. According to a press release sent just moments ago from the International Cuntographical Association...

Court Docs: “Gun Girl” is Ann Coulter in Tomi Lahren Suit Wearing Kaitlin Bennett Mask and Sh_ _ _ing Herself

NEW HAVEN, OHIO -- The American alt-right is reeling this morning after newly released court documents revealed that the InfoWars reporter known to many as the "Kent State Gun Girl" is actually one of the original screeching, racist blonde...

Literally No One Volunteers To Help Ann Coulter Qualify For Childcare Tax Credit

"The kinds of creatures offering to willingly mate with Coulter are who you'd imagine at a Klan rally butt fucking each other's cousins while they watch Mississippi Burning and root for the cover-up."

Ann Coulter’s Head Literally Explodes As Schumer and Pelosi ‘Cuck’ Trump Supporters on DACA Deal

After her beloved orange savior met and made a deal with the enemy last night, Ann Coulter has literally lost her head over it.

Coulter, Lahren Team Up To Form The Kristian Konservative Koalition of Screeching Blonde Magpies

There's a new, probably racist, SuperPAC in town, run by firebrand blonde conservative commentators Ann Coulter and Trampoline Lahren.

Man Can’t Seem to Get Stoned Enough to Find Ann Coulter Funny or Intelligent

Everyone's favorite wicked witch without striped socks, Ann Coulter, recently said during a debate that pot makes you "retarded."

Delta Offers Ann Coulter Free Lifetime Irrevocable Seat on Plane’s Wing

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter's feud with Delta Airlines may finally be coming to an end as the airline carrier offers her a deal she can't refuse.

Stephen Miller Really Wants To Know Where His Precious Is

Where is his precious? He must know where his precious is! Won't you please help White House Senior adviser Stephen Miller find his precious?
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