Trump Wants Research Into Whether AIDS Vaccine Also Cures Windmill Cancer

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- While the world is still celebrating his announcement of an AIDS vaccine earlier today at an executive order signing ceremony, President Donald Trump is already looking to see if the vaccine can be used for other...

HIV/AIDS ‘Surprised But Honored’ to Have Higher Approval Ratings Than President Trump

President Trump has historically low approval ratings, which makes him sad. But for HIV/AIDS, it's a miracle of public relations.

AIDS, Cancer Considering Presidential Run After Trump’s Approval Rating Drops To 37%

A new Gallup poll puts Trump's approval rating at just 37%, which is inspiring some to considering politics and running for president.

Man Voting for Trump to ‘Piss Off Libtards’ to Give Himself AIDS

A tale of a man who is voting for Trump and giving himself AIDS.

Ted Cruz: Let me be the AIDS to rid our party of Trump’s Cancer

Ted Cruz draws an interesting analogy between himself and Trump.

Hillary Clinton Quickly Walks Back Praise for Dubya’s Response to Katrina

Hillary Clinton has to apologize for another WTF-style comment.

Michele Bachmann: “Obama Brought On the Rapture, My IBS”

Besides the rapture, what else does Michele Bachmann blame Obama for?

Joan Rivers Was an Imperfect, Genius Pioneer

The Political Garbage Chute's tribute to a groundbreaking comedic icon, faults and all.
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Santos Honors All 6 Million of His Mothers Who Died at Auschwitz on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. It's a day in which solemn tributes to the victims of Adolf Hitler's genocidal...
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