Can Scientists Use Artificial Unintelligence to Make Convincing Trump Deep Fake Videos?

Deep fake videos are on the rise, as the technology employed to create them becomes more and more ubiquitous. If you've used the popular "ReFace" app, then you've already gotten yourself somewhat familiar the process of making a deep...

Elon Musk to Investors: “Christine” Was Inspiration Behind Tesla Auto Pilot Technology

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA --  After dancing around multiple inquiries into Tesla’s “Auto Pilot” program and the number of accidents, both fatal and non-fatal, CEO Elon Musk divulged to shareholders and employees the technology surrounding the controversial feature. “The time for...
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Biden Tells MTG He’ll Shoot Down Chinese Balloon When She Finds China or Montana on a Map

President Joe Biden was asked today about whether or not he's heard the calls from House Republicans to direct...
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