Afghanistan War

Afghanistan War Anxious to Turn 18 So It Can Enlist and Fight in Itself

In just a couple years, our little Afghanistan War will be all growns-up and potentially enlisted in the armed forces to serve in itself.

Soldier In Afghanistan is ‘Completely Reassured’ Having D-List Reality TV Star Commanding Her

Stationed in Afghanistan, this soldier has the utmost confidence in President Donald Trump to guide the army to victory...or something.

Trump Got Advice From His Generals and His Bone Spurs Before Formulating Afghanistan Plan

The Afghanistan War is the longest running conflict in American history. And Donald Trump sought advice from all over the place in ending it.

Katrina Pierson’s Excellent Adventure

Katrina Pierson bends time and space to carry out an important quest.

Jeb!: We Can Defeat ISIS With ‘The Bush Family Secret Recipe for Middle East Success’

Jeb Bush talked about how he'd beat ISIS, and gave some specifics to his plan.

Obama Mistakenly Receives Early Christmas Card from Defense Contractor

When Obama decided to extend the Afghan War indefinitely, he put himself on every defense contractor's Christmas card list.

Citing “Senioritis,” Obama Decides to Stay In Afghanistan

President Obama has decided to leave troops in Afghanistan after his departure from office after all.

U.S. Government to Prove Its Moral Supremacy By Murdering a Murderer

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be put to death by the US government, proving that two wrongs make a right.

Dick Cheney: ‘I Write For People Who Love to Read Books Full of Bullsh*t’

The Political Garbage Chute caught up with Dick Cheney at a book signing.
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