Affordable Care Act

Trumper With Brain Cancer Losing Obamacare Subsidy’s Last Words: “At Least Obamacare Died Too”

"Why should some rich guy pay for my medicine just because he's already hiding billions of dollars from the rest of us in offshore accounts?"

Tammy Lahren Bashes Highway Safety Laws While Putting on Her Seatbelt

Tammy Lahren told a Politicon audience she's still on her parents' insurance, which she couldn't be without that nasty Obamacare thing she hates.

After Obamacare Repeal Fails, Ted Cruz Says He’ll Have to Return to Killing ‘Zodiac Style Instead’

Senator Ted Cruz tells a church congregation he's got to go back to doing things the old school way, after the GOP can't repeal Obamacare.

Woman’s Eyebrows Relieved to Be Second Least Believable Thing In The Room With President Trump

An exclusive interview with a very famous pair of eyebrows that were fortunate enough to be just a foot away from the president.

Trump Says He’ll Give Alaska to Russia If Murkowski Votes No on Obamacare Repeal

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has drawn the ire of our stubby fingered, angry orange orangutan president. Is Alaska on the way back to Russia?

Susan Collins Declines Duel With Blake Farenthold, Challenges Him to 1 Meter Dash Instead

Rep. Blake Farenthold has said he's so mad at female senators blocking Obamacare's repeal that he'd do an Aaron Burr on them if they weren't women.

Trump Leads Boy Scouts Chant of “F*ck that C**t” About Hillary

After President Donald Trump spoke at their annual Jamboree, the Boy Scouts of American aren't apolitical anymore.

John McCain Asks Mayo Clinic to Prepare Brain Surgery Bill in iPhones

How many iPhones would it take to pay for the brain surgery Sen. John McCain just had? He wants to find out.

Mitch McConnell Prays For Jesus’ Guiding Hand To Rip Chemo Treatments Away from Kids With Cancer

Mitch McConnell has resorted to reaching out to a higher power in the pursuit of his dream -- ripping healthcare away from millions of Americans.

President Trump Asks Mitch McConnell To Change Senate Rules To Single Vote Threshold For Everything

After another harsh political defeat, Trump asks Mitch McConnell to change the Senate rules for him.
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