2016 presidential election

Pundits: Could The Guy With The Crazy Idea That ‘Rich People Are Doing Okay Enough’ Really Be Elected?

We asked three political pundits from three cable news networks to weigh-in on Bernie Sanders' chances.

Literal Anus Sues Donald Trump for Copyright Infringement

An actual anal sphincter is planning to sue Donald Trump for biting his style.

Trump: “Oh Do Excuse Me, I’ve Been Meaning To Say ‘Yes Collusion!'”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In a sudden about-face from months of public denials, President Donald Trump reversed his previously stated position and said that, in fact, there was collusion between his party and the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential nomination. Mr....

Super Rich, Racist, Fat, Orange, Fuckface Billionaire Using Other People’s Money to Pay His Smarmy Slimebag Attorney Bills

President Donald Trump is the first president to use private campaign donations to pay for the legal fees resulting from a criminal probe into his conduct.

Hillary Clinton Personally Sews and Sends Paul Manafort an Orange Jumpsuit

With FBI special counselor Robert Mueller breathing down his neck, former Trump campaign spox Paul Manafort may welcome gifts from anyone.

Mueller Grand Jury Issues Subpoena For All Pussies Trump Grabbed Since June 2016

Special Counselor Robert Mueller's grand jury has issued a blanket subpoena for a potentially very large group -- pussies grabbed by Trump.

Hillary Spotted in NYC, Circling Donald Trump Jr.’s Building & Shouting ‘But HIS Emails!’

As news broke of his own email problems, Hillary Clinton circled Donald Trump Jr.'s block to mock him over them.

Trump: Seven Perished Sailors in USS Fitzgerald Crash Died Defending His Electoral College Victory

The seven victims of the USS Fitzerald crash with a merchant vessel will receive a brand new honor from President Trump.

MIT Releases Trump Tweet Prediction Algorithm Ahead of Comey Testimony

Researchers at MIT have developed an algorithm they say has correctly predicted what President Trump will tweet during James Comey's upcoming testimony.

Jeff Sessions: ‘White People Can’t Commit Perjury’

Lying or misleading Congress under oath is not perjury if you're white, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions...probably.
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