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Sources Confirm: President Trump Still Likes Russian Whore Piss And Wants To Fuck His Daughter

President Trump still definitely loves Russian prostitute urine and totally wants to bang his daughter, according to sources close to him.

Trump Backtracks Backtrack: “I Meant To Say I Saw No Reason It Would Wouldn’t Be Not Not Russia!”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- For the second time in as many days, President Donald Trump backtracked on a statement he made regarding Russia's culpability for a concentrated, protracted cyber attack during the 2016 presidential election, this time backtracking on a...

Trump Supporter Says There’s Plenty of Room Left In His Mouth for Putin Too

COLD CAVE HILLS, TENNESSEE -- Jethro Bohiggins was the first Trump supporter in his small Tennessee town, and he says that despite initial concerns he had about it, he feels confident he can also be just as ardent and...

Helsinki Summit: Putin Gives Trump Cost of Living Pay Increase, But No Annual Bonus This Year

HELSINKI, FINLAND -- During the annual performance review held between President Donald Trump and his employer, Mr. Trump was told that he will be receiving a wage increase to cover the rising costs of living, but will not be...

President Trump Calls Donald Trump Jr. ‘Fake News’

After the latest bombshell report in The New York Times, the president wants to distance himself from Donald Trump Jr., his son.

President Trump Hopeful He’ll Finish Mix Tape For Putin Before He’s Impeached

Trump is reportedly lost in song, trying to put together the perfect mix tape for his newfound love, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump Suggests Jared Kushner ‘Go Old School’ and Use Tin Can and String to Reach Moscow

Jared Kushner might be in big, big trouble. But his father-in-law/the President of the United States may have a way to help him out of a jam.

One of Nation’s Top Constitutional Scholars Offers to Lead Independent Probe of Trump/Russia

An independent probe of Russian involvement in last year's election has one of the country's top constitutional scholars volunteering his services.

Devin Nunes Asks Mike Flynn To Translate Resignation Letter Into Russian ‘For a Mutual Friend’

If Devin Nunes does resign as House Intelligence Committee Chairman, he wants to make sure his resignation letter can be read by all interested parties.
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Tennessee Man Cleans Up Quickly After Spanking It to Avoid Charges of Attempted Murder

It's not that he would lie around, languishing in the self-extracted afterglow. But now that it seems like the...
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