20-week abortion ban

State Senator Wants Exception in New Abortion Ban For Rape, Incest, or Republican Interns

With a new 20-week abortion ban on the table and working its way through Congress, one lawmaker wants exceptions for Republican interns.

Woman Relieved Congress Wants to Control Her Vagina So She Can Focus On Earning Almost As Much As Male Colleagues

With a 20-week abortion ban passed through the House, one woman has found a silver lining in losing direct control of her vagina.

SC Gov. To Start Nightly Rotation ‘Staking Out’ Different Women’s Uteruses

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina really wants to keep those unborn fetuses safe.

Scott Walker Declares All Wisconsin Testicles ‘Protected Land’ In New Anti-Abortion Move

Will Wisconsin sperm and eggs sleep safer thanks to Governor Scott Walker (R-Wi)?

House Republicans To Propose ‘Sperm and Egg Production’ Bill

Forget abortion. Does one Congressman want to make pulling your pud illegal?

The Republican Case for a 20-Week Abortion Ban (VIDEO)

One Republican explains why his party believes a 20-week abortion ban is the most important thing on the country's plate today.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: “I was born within 5 minutes of conception!”

After making dubious claims in support of his new abortion bill, Senator Lindsey Graham shocked the world by claiming to have been born just after fertilization.
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Biden Tells MTG He’ll Shoot Down Chinese Balloon When She Finds China or Montana on a Map

President Joe Biden was asked today about whether or not he's heard the calls from House Republicans to direct...
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